Our two main technologies,ecoAgra and ecoClean, are multi-functional, 100% biobased formulations that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, readily biodegradable, and non-carcinogenic.

Once applied, root systems shoot deep and strong into the soil, providing the plant access to more nutrients, speeding up growth, and helping the plant survive in times of drought. BRIX levels rise, providing increased plant quality.

We suggest the pre-treatment of seeds, as this will provide increased germination rates, and the plant typically emerges from the soil faster. The plant is then treated at the 3-5 foliar stage, and can also be blended in with mid season inputs, and again as a post harvest soil treatment.

ecoAgra™ is 100% biobased, and is truly sustainability since it improves the yield of its own ingredients. In other words, the use of ecoAgra™ helps make itself, enhancing its sustainability factor.

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